Tanya Shaw, Founder and Executive Chair

Tanya has spent her career providing strategic solutions to address many aspects of individuality and fit. Her technical savvy and sharp business acumen have resulted in the development of numerous products and applications that provide solutions related to body measurements and body data.

Leveraging her experience in the custom apparel industry, Tanya has positioned Unique for dramatic growth through multiple market applications of its body scanning, measurement technology and related customized products.

Tanya has been an active director on a number of boards including: Entrepreneurs’ Forum, NSCAD University, Dalhousie University Faculty of Management, Novaknowledge, Downeast Communications and CEED. In addition, she offers her time to work with community organizations at a local level. Tanya is considered one of Canada’s leading women entrepreneurs and has won numerous regional and national awards throughout her career including:

2005 - Junior Chamber International Outstanding Young Canadian Award
2004 - Canadian Progress Club Progress Women of Excellence Award
2004 - CATA Alliance Sarah Kirke Award – Top Canadian Woman in Hi-Tech
2003 - Top 40 Under 40 Award
2000 - Ernst and Young Entrepreneur Of The Year, Atlantic/Emerging Category

Tanya is a graduate of Dalhousie University’s internationally recognized Costume Studies program.

Tuoc Luong, Chief Executive Officer

For over 20 years, Tuoc has been a driving force in software engineering and technology solutions for the global market. Prior to joining Unique Solutions, he served as Chief Executive Officer for Shanda Online. As Senior Vice President of Search at Yahoo from 2007 to 2010, he led the Search Division and was responsible for Yahoo Search products worldwide, gaining market share during his tenure.

Tuoc is a highly respected leader and visionary, having held multiple senior executive roles throughout his career. During the 2000’s, he served as Vice President of Engineering for Zazzle Inc. and Executive Vice President of Engineering and Technology for IAC Search & Media Inc. (formerly Ask Jeeves Inc.). Under these leadership positions, Tuoc also served as Chief Technical Officer for both organizations. Prior to Ask Jeeves, Inc., he was the General Manager of BackOffice and Hosted Services for Microsoft.

A true entrepreneur within the technology solutions landscape, Tuoc is the founder of Jybe, Inc. and Lookspark, a fashion/social media company which was sold to Yahoo. He is also the author of Internationalization, Developing Software for the Global Market (published in 1995).

Bruce Terry, Executive Vice President

Bruce has over 20 years' experience as a senior executive and chief financial officer in consumer products and 15 years' experience dealing with the complexities of privately controlled “family” businesses. As CFO of McCain Foods, Shoppers Drug Mart and Sobeys, he gained operating expertise in retail and as a manufacturer within the grocery, drug and food industries. He has oil & gas and risk management experience gained at Gulf Canada and as Vice Chairman at Marsh & McLennan Canada.

Bruce has led or been instrumental in more than 65 mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and financial transactions with a cumulative value of over $26 billion. His board experience includes Audit Committee Chair, Committee Chairman and bankruptcy steward on public, private and University boards.

Joanna Gould Thorpe, Executive Vice President of Operations

Joanna joined Unique in 1996 and since then her product development skills have been instrumental in the company's growth. She oversees all production related operations of the company, including product development, training and project management. She has been integral in developing Unique's Bodyscanner™, proprietary CAD software, pattern automation and measurement extraction.

A graduate of the internationally recognized Costume Studies degree program at Dalhousie University, Joanna is one of the leading experts of body and fit information globally, having directly and indirectly overseen and analyzed over 350,000 customized apparel garments and 200,000 different bodies.

Joanna has managed the research and development of Unique’s varied product line with her keen attention to detail and market driven product development skills. With the rapid advancement of Unique’s technological solutions for the apparel and health and wellness industries, it is Joanna who bridges the gap between what is needed and what is possible.

Robert Kutnick, Chief Technical Officer 

Bob has over 25 years of experience in managing software development and engineering, as well as business development in organizations. He has worked in several startup companies as well as 4 public companies. All but one of these public companies grew from $20-100 million dollars to between $1-4 billion dollar market caps. He is currently on the Boards of two private companies, but has previously served on the Boards of several public companies. Bob’s strengths lie in his ability to determine, build and execute the vision and strategy for a company, particularly when it comes to mergers and acquisitions.

Bob’s most recent successes have come as the CTO and Senior VP of Strategic Business Development for Citrix Systems, based in Fort Lauderdale. Bob holds several degrees from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, including: M.S. CICE (Computer Information and Control Engineering), B.S. CE (Computer Engineering) and B.S. EE (Electrical Engineering).

Albert Charpentier, Consulting Engineer 

Albert has over 30 years of management experience in consumer electronics technology, with expertise in the semiconductor, electronics and computer related industries. In 1999, Albert founded Intellifit Corporation with the vision to provide better fitting clothes to consumers through technology and acted as the Chairman and CTO from 2000-2008. Intellifit licensed and commercialized a new millimeter wave technology that can obtain consumer measurements in 10 seconds directly thought their clothes. This now complete package of technology, pattern generation and measurement acquisition is moving into the retail market.

Albert founded Ensoniq Corporation in 1983, acting as CEO and CTO until 1998. Ensoniq was a leading manufacturer of high-end electronic musical instruments and audio chips and add-in audio cards for PCs. The company was purchased by Creative Technology Ltd. in 1998. Prior to founding Ensoniq, Albert was Vice President of Engineering at Commodore Computers where he led the development team responsible for the Commodore 64 computer.

Holding a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, Albert’s significant innovations in his field include the design of chips (silicon), hardware and software (systems) in the following areas: calculators, microprocessors, ROM, DRAM, SRAM, video chips, audio chips, hearing aids and radar systems. He holds nine patents in these fields.