Featuring an all-new compact design, one-touch scan functionality, and wireless portability, Me-Ality's next generation model brings new advancements and improved scalability to its 3D body scanning technology and MeID size-matching services.

The MeID Handheld Body Scanner introduces a new multi-sensor scanning system, resulting in greater body measurement accuracy and a seamless user experience. It continues to be the only technology in the market that is capable of capturing body measurements while a user remains fully clothed. This next generation model also introduces MeID Sculpt, a real-time visual feedback system to ensure accurate body scanning.


  • Compact, portable design
  • New multi-sensor 3D body scanning system
  • Only technology in the market that is capable of recording body measurements while the user remains fully clothed
  • MeID Sculpt System
    • Real-time visual feedback
  • Omni-channel functionality
    • Easily integrates into existing ecommerce platforms and online administration systems
  • Simple, one-touch scan functionality